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The 8700 Series from Massey Ferguson

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The 8700 Series from Massey Ferguson

8700 Series High Horsepower

8700 Series High Horsepower

Massey Ferguson 8700 Series High Horsepower

Meet the tractor that works as hard as you. More horsepower. More torque. More hydraulics. More versatility. More comfort and control. The new 8700 Series simply offers more.It’s the first high-horsepower tractor that can tackle row crop applications, hay and forage, even dairy and livestock — all in a day’s work.

Call it power farming. Now you have the power to accomplish virtually anything on your farm,
from pulling large planters and tillage tools, to handling heavy manure tanks and large square balers — faster, easier and with less fatigue.

It’s all about performance. And all about you. We could go on all day about our outstanding capability, functionality and efficiency. But the 8700 Series is really all about your row crops, your dairy cows, your hay and forage, your livestock — and your success.After a century and a half of farming innovation, it’s no wonder that someone in the world buys a Massey Ferguson tractor every five minutes. But you haven’t seen anything yet. Because these five new powerhouse models are guaranteed to drive that number through the roof.

New, improved everything. We’ll give you a glimpse of it all — from our efficient new AGCO POWER™
84 engine and CYCLAIR™ cooling package, to our twin turbos providing higher sustained torque, increased hydraulics capacity, new front-end 3-point hitch and PTO, and our redesigned cab with ergonomic B-pillar controls and new electronic dash display.

Horsepower to spare. Even with all these new performance components, our increased horsepower range is a standout feature — from 270 to 370 max engine horsepower and, in certain applications, up to 400 boosted horsepower.


  • Best engine in its class. Best torque in the business.From seeding and tillage to large square balers and manure tanks, there’s virtually no job that our new Tier 4 Final AGCO POWER 84 engine can’t handle — better, faster, cleaner and cooler — with more lugging ability while using less fuel.
  • Boosted horsepower, ready when you need it.Thanks to our advanced Engine Power Management system (EPM), these 6-cylinder 8.4L power plants can generate up to an additional 30 HP to increase productivity and performance. EPM will automatically provide the extra HP needed for demanding hydraulic, PTO or hauling/ transport applications.*
  • Higher performance at lower rpm.New twin turbochargers provide excellent engine response, at lower RPMs. With the longest sustained torque curve in the business, we deliver more versatility and overall efficiency — using much less fuel.
  • Lower total fluid consumption. Period.Leading the way in emissions solutions, our 3rd generation of SCR technology has evolved to utilize cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (cEGR). Our unique solution uses minimal cEGR to meet strict emissions compliance, while reducing total DEF consumption and cost of operation.
  • A whole new path to cool.Our new CYCLAIR cooling package dramatically increases cooling capacity with better airflow and higher-efficiency components. This new design provides better cooling performance and increases overall efficiency.
  • Clean, cool and compact. The new hood design optimizes airflow under all conditions, while providing superior visibility from the cab. It effectively manages the air, bringing cooler air in through the front and redirecting hot air away from the engine and cab.Best engine in its class. Best torque in the business.


* Available when speed is above 0 MPH and when PTO or hydraulic demands are greater than 40 HP. Also gradually available when transporting at speeds above 9.3 MP


Model Emissions Level Max HP Rated HP @ 2200 rpm PTO HP Transmission Rear Lift Capacity @ link ends (lbs) Weight (lbs)
8727 Tier 4 Final 270 240 205 Dyna-VT (CVT) 26,455 23,810
8730 Tier 4 Final 300 265 225 Dyna-VT (CVT) 26,455 23,810
8732 Tier 4 Final 320 290 250 Dyna-VT (CVT) 26,455 23,810
8735 Tier 4 Final 350 320 275 Dyna-VT (CVT) 26,455 23,810
8737 Tier 4 Final 370 340 290 Dyna-VT (CVT) 26,455 23,810